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Sounds of The Supremes

Featuring the Original Supreme; Karen Ragland

Since the late 1980’s when lead singer Kaaren Ragland founded “The Sounds Of The Supremes™,” the group has achieved remarkable worldwide success. London’s What’s On described their incomparable energy packed show featuring more than 20 hit songs as “a non-stop bravura performance of immense vitality” recreating “perfectly the frenetic style & sound of the original lineup.”

Joined by Kathy Merrick and Althea Burkhalter, these three American women possess a wealth of experience in recording, television, cabaret, theater and musicals, and deliver a fantastic vocal blend on Motown classics, standards, contemporary songs blended with stylish choreography and unrivaled glamour.

The sound of The Supremes’ music lives on today with The Sounds of the Supremes™, music which has shown itself to be one of the most definitive and enduring contributions to American Pop music history.